Ministerial Speech

The National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan (NIIMP) is Nigeria’s blue-print for boosting and modernizing the nation’s stock of Infrastructure, over the next 30 years.  The National Planning Commission (NPC) in 2012, initiated the crafting of a long-term Infrastructure Development Plan, that will engender sustainable economic growth and development, in furtherance of Mr. President’s Transformation Agenda. The importance of adequate and modern infrastructure to national development cannot be overemphasized. The development of the NIIMP was anchored on the need to synchronize and harmonize the various Sectoral Infrastructure Development Plans, into a single, comprehensive and coherent document that fully exploits the synergies and linkages and provides a clear investment framework for boosting investments in Nigeria’s Infrastructure sector.

The NIIMP therefore, is set to liberate the economy from the shackles of debilitating infrastructure bottleneck, and place it on a solid growth path. It provides the framework that will guide interventions, investments, as well as budgetary allocations to the sector in the next 30 years.

The NIIMP has taken stock of the existing infrastructure, and future stock requirements, including total resource requirements, across key sectors of the economy and has identified critical enablers for the promotion of private sector investment.   It, invariably, presents a strong platform for Public and Private sector constructive engagement and Donor support for boosting infrastructural development and empowering Nigerians.

The NIIMP provides the strategies, targets and priority projects, as well as total investment outlay for the first 5 years and scheduled timelines for deliverables. It also,

highlights financing options for funding infrastructure investments in Nigeria.

There is no doubt that the estimated resource requirement for NIIMP’s implementation is enormous.  We are not unmindful of the challenges that lay ahead.  Looking forward, we are optimistic that, with the various bankable projects identified under the NIIMP and the increasing international and domestic investor confidence in the Nigerian economy, as evident from the in-flow of FDI in the past decade, the NIIMP objectives are realizable.

I must acknowledge that a lot of work went into crafting of this document. The wide consultative process and participatory approach adopted in the articulation of the NIIMP will ensure that Nigerians own and participate actively in the implementation.

I thank all those who contributed to the successful formulation of the policy document, particularly the various Technical Working Groups, Representatives of the Organized Private Sector – the Business Support Group (BSG) and Government officials for their commitment and hard-work.  I also acknowledge the effort of the Editorial Committee, who painstakingly worked to ensure the final document is of implementable quality.

Finally, I must say that successful implementation of the NIIMP would, among others, require efficient allocation and utilization of available resources, systematic and focused implementation of programmes and the provision of the enabling environment for private sector participation.

The NPC is committed to coordinating implementation of the NIIMP and the provision of necessary support to stakeholders.

Dr. Abubakar O. Sulaiman
Honourable Minister/Deputy Chairman
National Planning Commission

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    1 LikeRe: Solomon Dalung, Sports activities Minister Allegedly Converts To Islam - Photographs by Partnerbiz:
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    Re: Solomon Dalung, Sports activities Minister Allegedly Converts
    To Islam - Photographs by NwaAmaikpe:10:51am
    On Jun 04I knew this man was confused from the day
    he hosted Efe.

    He dumped his signature khaki and beret and wore caftan and made Efe a youth ambassador

    Now this

    (zero) (Reply)
    Simply Ideas:which Is The Eaiest And Which Is
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  62. Governors throughout the federation have felicitated with Nigerians on the Eid-el-Fitr celebration.

    The urged the residents to shun divisive tendencies, embrace nationwide integration and

    The governors spoke in interviews with reporters, broadcasts in addition to in separate statements issued yesterday to mark the top of Ramadan fasting.

    Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola implored residents to place the country’s stability and progress at coronary heart earlier than taking selections on issues of nationwide curiosity.

    He acknowledged this yesterday whereas addressing reporters after the Eid-el-Fitr prayers,
    at Osogbo Central Eid praying floor, Oke-Baale, Osogbo.

    He known as on the political workplace holders to inculcate proper angle that might assure unification, peace and stability.

    From the federal government Home Oke Fia, Osogbo, the place the
    governor took off to the praying floor, his convoy snaked by way of a thick crowd of residents, who expressed assist for him.

    Many climbed rooftops and stand at vantage
    positions to catch glimpses of the governor as residents waved at him.

    Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi congratulated the state’s Muslim group on the profitable completion of the
    holy month of Ramadan.

    The governor, in a press release by his Particular Adviser on Communication and Technique,Yomi Layinka, in Ibadan, known as for
    spiritual rebirth among the many Islamic faithful.

    He enjoined Muslims to not deviate from the teachings of the
    Holy Prophet Muhammed on the essence of Ramadan, even after the Sallah celebrations.

    Ajimobi stated: "Since Ramadan fasting symbolises the interval of spiritual rejuvenation, I urge our Muslim brothers and sisters to proceed to place into observe the teachings of Prophet Muhammed."

    Sokoto State Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal referred to as on the citizenry to have interaction in acts that promote nationwide integration and feeling of brotherhood.

    The governor famous that exemplary management can't be achieved with out the lively and patriotic participation of the citizenry.

    He mentioned: "We ought to, subsequently, be able to individually and collectively give our modest contributions."

    Tambuwal spoke Saturday evening in Sokoto in a particular sallah broadcast to the individuals to mark the top of Ramadan and Eid Fitr celebration.

    "We should share our joys with the much less-privileged amongst us and must be prepared always to love for others what we love for ourselves."

    ‘No to secession’

    Niger State Governor Abubakar Sani Bello joined different leaders in condemning the
    decision for secession and break up.

    He stated the agitators ought to channel their energies in the direction of
    different nationwide points that unite the nation.

    Talking after observing the 2 Rakat prayers to mark this year’s
    Eid-Il-Fitir celebration at Minna Eid praying floor, Minna, the state
    capital, the governor suggested the promoters of secession to desist from their unpatriotic act.

    He added that the federal government was set to deal with anybody who plantothrow the nation into chaos.

    "Nigerians are higher off collectively. We will collectively channel our helpful vitality to different extra essential nationwide points that unites the nation slightly than dwell on these little issues that differentiate us.

    Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu rejoiced with Muslims faithful on the profitable completion of the 2017 Ramadan.

    The governor, in an announcement, urged them to place into follow all of the classes learnt from the annual religious train.

    Akeredolu,who hailed the unflinching help of the Muslim neighborhood to his administration,urged them to proceed avoiding divisive tendencies and actions succesful to trigger mistrust among the many citizenry.

    He pleaded with Muslims to embrace the virtues of love and sacrifice,as they be a part of their fellow brothers and sisters worldwide in celebration.

    Nigeria’s power lies in unity, says Amosun

    Ogun State Governor Ibikunle Amosun urged Nigerians to reside in peace and harmony with each other, saying the greatness and energy of Nigeria lies in its unity.

    Amosun urged Nigerians to determine issues that sure folks collectively and reinforce them and shun divisive tendencies.

    The governorspoke after observing the Eid-el-Fitri prayer on the Muslim Prayer Floor, Lantoro – Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

    He suggested Muslims to imbibe the virtues of Ramadan through the month-lengthy prayer and fasting by placing them to apply.

    Amosun stated Nigerians ought to work in the direction of cohesion and unity at this interval of the nation’s historical past.

    He defined that one of many virtues of the holy Ramadan is love and harmony, urging Muslims in Nigeria follow these virtues.

    Additionally, the Chief Imam of Egbaland, Alhaji Liadi Orunsolu, in his sermon, urgedMuslims to persevere in doing good and serving to the much less-privileged within the society.

    Kogi Staate Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello known as on the residents, regardless of religious religion, to imbibe the spirit of brotherhood as a way to reside harmoniously within the curiosity of peace and progress.

    Bello spoke after the remark of the Eid-el-Fitr prayer on the Previous Stadium, Lokoja.

    The governor’s appearanceat the venue stunned Muslim faithful, who had previously witnessed his predecessors observe the annual finish of Ramadan prayer on the Felele Eid praying floor.

    Bello enjoined Nigerians to not relent in fervent prayer for President Muhammadu Buhari for fast restoration, and for the Appearing President, Prof. YemiOsibajo, to succeed within the challenges of piloting the country’s affairs.

    Bayelsa State Governor Henry Seriake Dickson additionally joined others in felicitating with Muslims, particularly within the state, on the celebration of Eid-el-Fitr.

    In an announcement in Yenagoa, the governor known as for extra tolerance, unity and peaceful coexistence because the residents rejoice.

    He emphasised that no significant development may happen with out these situations.

    The assertion, which was signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Daniel Iworiso-Markson, urged "Muslim faithful
    to love their brothers and sisters in different religions and see
    themselves as one in any respect times".

    Ugwuanyi visits mosque

    Engu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who paid a shock go to to the Muslims at their Central Mosque situated in Owerri street, Enugu to felicitate with them, famous that Eid-el-Fitr gives a chance for each Muslim and Christian faithful to proceed to dwell in harmony for the progress.

    He added that the country’s power lies in its range and capability to beat challenges regardless of socio-political variations.

    The excited Muslims, by means of their Chief, the Sarkin Hausawa, Alhaji Yusuf Sambo, hailedthe governor for the shock go to, "even if you had
    earlier despatched present objects to us by means of your Particular Adviser on Safety Issues, Gen. Fred Eze (rtd)".

    El-Rufai: resist division

    Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai urged Nigerians to uphold nationwide unity and jointly resist brokers of division.

    El-Rufai, who spoke after Eid prayers in Kauru city, headquarters of Kauru Native Authorities Space, stated Nigerians mustn't permit brokers of doom to realise their sinister agenda.

    "We ought to use this celebration to replicate and pray exhausting for peace and unity of Nigeria.
    As residents, we should always stand collectively in opposition to these preaching
    division and violence. Our range is a supply of energy, and our widespread
    humanity is a menace to these, who earn their dwelling by manipulating variations.

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    Nigeria’s power brokers to prevent the impending Civil War,
    Lieutenant-Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu, the man who would later declare Biafra a secessionist state, said only one thing
    would make the rebels cease fire: "that the Republic of Nigeria be split into its component parts; and all Southerners in the North be repatriated to the South and that Northerners resident in the South be repatriated to the North".

    Of course, Ojukwu and the rebelling Easterners didn’t get their wish.
    On May 30, 1967, Oxford-educated Ojukwu declared Biafra an independent state in the South-East
    of the country. And on July 6, 1967, civil war broke out in Nigeria, claiming more than a million lives in just three years.

    Fast-forward to June 2017. Irked by renewed secessionist calls from the same Igbo ethnic group, a coalition of Northern groups served a notice for "all Igbo currently residing in any part of Northern Nigeria to relocate within three months and all Northerners residing in the East are advised likewise".

    Although made 51 years apart, those two statements are strikingly similar.
    Since the first was made during a war, there is real reason to
    worry that the second could prompt another. Last week’s commemoration of the 50th
    anniversary of the Civil War offered a platform for Nigerians to
    review the ills of war, but instead the voices of secession raged even louder.

    Secessionist Movement an Indictment of Past Leadership

    The resurrection of the clamour for secession five decades from the war is simply the result of serial
    leadership failure. When the war ended in 1970, Yakubu Gowon, then Head of State,
    promised to "build a nation, great in justice, fair trade, and industry".
    But he and his successors didn’t.

    Although there is no evidence of efforts to specifically ignore the Igbo, generations of corrupt and selfish
    leaders have entered and vacated office with no painstaking plan to rebuild the
    East from the ruins of war (same for insurgency-ravaged North-East),
    instead filling their pockets with public funds while ignoring a disenchanted youth population.

    Now, the Igbo percentage of that population will do anything to actualise Biafra, including
    sacrificing their lives, as already demonstrated by more than 150
    of them between August 2015 and August 2016.
    The series of military crackdowns on pro-Biafra agitators is another grave error by the authorities; it has spawned clusters of bellicose Igbo youth who want to avenge their brothers’ deaths.
    Anyone who has physically met Nnamdi Kanu’s apostles,
    or read their viperous online comments, will admit that quite a
    number of them are seething with rage that can only be thawed
    by the highest level of tact from the government.

  73. Comedian Ay Makun's first produced movie "30 Days In Atlanta," has been officially recognized by the 2017
    Guinness World Records.

    The comedy movie has been recognized as one of the films with
    the highest domestic gross in the territories of Bollywood, Nollywood and Hollywood,
    listed alongside "PK" and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."


    The actor took to his Instagram page to share the news with his followers.

    "This is the first time ever that the Nigerian film industry which is one of the largest in the world, will be achieving such a tremendous success that will be registered by the 'Guinness World Records' since 1955 when it was first published.

    "I am dedicating this milestone in my career to all the casts and crew of 30 Days In Atlanta.
    Also to everyone who went to the cinemas to see the movie when it came
    Let's do it again with my new movie 'A Trip to Jamaica' premiering
    on September 25th, and showing across cinemas in Nigeria from
    September 30th."


    The movie tells the tale of"Akpors: Sharp Warri boy"who wins a 30 days holiday for two to Atlanta, Georgia. He takes his cousin (Richard), an IT specialist on the all-expense paid trip.

    The movie stars AY Makun, Vivica Fox, Lynn Whitfield, Karlie Redd, RMD, Ramsey Noauh, Desmond Elliot, Mercy Johnson, Rachel Oniga, Ada Ameh, Uti Nwachukwu, Kese Jabari, Majid Michel, and Juliet Ibrahim.

    Directed by Robert Peters, "30 Days in Atlanta" was shot on location in Lagos and Atlanta, and was met with mixed to negative critical reception.

    AY Makun and Ramsey Nouah in '30 Days in Atlanta'


    The comedy movie grossed 76million Nairaseven weeks after it's premiere, went on to bring in a box-office total of over 137million Naira, making it the highest grossing movie in the Nigerian cinema history.

    In February 2015, the movie was stolen and sold by a staff of Silverbird Cinemas and was released byAlaba pirates.

    But is the movie 30 days in Atlanta worth the recognition?. Let us know below.

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