Private Sector Expectations and Priorities

The private sector recommendations on the enablers for private sector participation and priorities for the Energy sector include:

  • complete privatisation of power generation and distribution assets;
  • create a clear path for development of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), including a mandate to lead future industry planning and allow for private sector investment;
  • implement the Transmission Reinforcement Plan to address transmission constraints  and improve grid capability;
  • complete implementation of the Gas Master Plan;
  • progress LNG projects that have viable economics and adequate gas supply; and
  • enable completion of joint venture gas supply projects (funding,
    incentives, etc.).



  • An effective and efficient regulatory environment for timely approval of projects, contracts, permits, licences, etc., related to infrastructure development.
  • Guarantee of Right of Way for infrastructure development and reduced cost of securing access rights.
  • Improved regulation of gas pricing to attract investment in gas supply infrastructure.
  • Government credit enhancement for IPPs (e.g., secure World Bank PRG).
  • Incentives for private sector investment.
  • Passing the Petroleum Industry Bill to accelerate expected reforms.