Private Sector Expectations and Priorities

The recommendations offered by the private sector on the enablers for private sector participation and priorities for the ICT sector include:

  • reducing the high barriers to entry, including the high costs of Right of Way permits and the multiple taxes and licenses required;
  • reviewing the high cost of deployment and lack of supporting infrastructure (especially in power and transport);
  • addressing the dearth of local ICT-related skills and competence;
  • implementing the Open Access Shared Infrastructure framework;
  • reducing the costs of duct building and duct infrastructure leasing;
  • accelerating Right of Way permits;
  • harmonising multiple taxes, and reducing taxes on computing hardware and locally produced software;
  • integrating ICT infrastructure into estates and commercial districts;
  • harmonising the BTS roll-out;
  • releasing the spectrum for LTE/wireless data;
  • ensuring consistent minimum provision of 18 hours of power supply per day;
  • unbundling of metro access;
  • unlocking broadband to cater for bandwidth issues;
  • deepening fibre-optic technology; and
  • expanding fibre-optic links to neighbouring capitals and submarine cables.