Legal Enablers

A review of the relevant infrastructure related legislation in the ICT sector reveals that the Nigerian Postal Service Act is the main legislation relevant to ICT infrastructure. The critical shortcomings associated with the Act include the monopoly status conferred on NIPOST, which has resulted in complacency and lack of attention to customer needs. The lack of autonomy and inefficient operations encumbered by a dilapidated network resulted in attendant high losses. The Act is not investment-friendly as most of its provisions are out-dated. Therefore, there is the need to review the laws. To further support this, NIPOST could be separated as a Universal Postal Service provider and an independent regulatory authority established to oversee the activities of the sector.

Two bills were pending in a previous National Assembly – the Nigerian Postal Commission Bill 2008 and the Nigerian Postal Service (Amendment) Bill 2008. These Bills however need to be reviewed and represented, as there are no bills concerning the sector before the current Assembly.