During 2014–18 the Agriculture, Water and Mining sector will focus on the following infrastructure development priorities:

■       Agriculture – priority portfolios will be on substantially growing agricultural production (comprising crops, livestock and fisheries products) and advancing the related processing industries. In this way, domestic food security will be secured, before establishing Nigeria as a food export country. The prioritised projects include establishment of 19 staple crop processing zones, 18 agro-industrial processing centres, 154 processing facilities, grazing settlement reserves, artificial insemination centres, dairy facilities, commodity markets and agricultural equipment hiring centres, as well as supporting research and information development through livestock research institutes and establishment of a comprehensive data bank;

■       Water – emphasis will be placed on ensuring sustainable access to safe and sufficient water resources to meet the socio-economic needs of all Nigerians. Accordingly, priority portfolios focus on water supply schemes, sanitation, drainage and irrigation, with inter-basin water transfers and basic databank infrastructure also being in scope;

■       Mining – priority portfolios will be on:

–     promotion of iron and steel through expansion of iron ore mines

–    provision of scrap-yards infrastructure

–    drill and infrastructure expansion for limestone, dolomite, clay, and manganese,

–    carrying out detailed exploration studies,

–    providing transportation and core processing facilities for coal to power development,

–    detailed exploration studies,

–    provision of transport and processing facilities for industrial minerals and road construction materials (barytes, bentonite clay, kaolin, tar sand), and

–    detailed exploration studies for gold, cassiterite, and copper ore.