Social infrastructure

During 2014–18, the Social Infrastructure sector will focus on the following infrastructure development priorities:

■       Health – the priority is to develop an integrated health system with infrastructure that guarantees high quality, affordable and sustainable world-class healthcare services for all. Identified projects include building hospitals, health centres and specialist centres across the whole country, as well as establishing health education centres and drugs/vaccines manufacturing centres. Specifically, focus will be on establishment of 6 world-class specialist hospitals, primary health centres in each political ward, 3 health centres in each LGA and 3 general hospitals, as well as establishment of reference laboratories with capacity for virology;

■       Women – priority portfolios focus on establishing fundamental infrastructure for the advancement of women matters, promoting women development and ensuring maternal and child health;

■       Education, Youth, Sport, Environment, Tourism, Information, Labour and Productivity – priority portfolios for all of these sub sectors centre around creating new and rehabilitating/upgrading existing infrastructure facilities, such as education facilities, youth development facilities, sports facilities, pollution and waste management systems, environmental control measures and infrastructure, information centres, institutes and safety net centres.