Create an Infrastructure Delivery Coordination Unit

Successful implementation of the NIIMP will require a significant effort to co-ordinate and implement the plan. There are various potential implementation models, ranging from a monitoring office to a more hands-on enforcement agency. A central ‘delivery unit’ would appear to be the best option. In this regard the delivery coordinating unit will be established in the National Planning Commission in view of its mandate to coordinate the implementation of government projects and programmes.

An Infrastructure Delivery Coordination Unit (IDCU) could assume a number of important functions for the implementation of the NIIMP.

■       Master plan monitoring and evaluation: Collect and process data on NIIMP execution, produce reports and identify areas that require intervention;

■       Programme management and development: Analyse execution per asset class/sector, support MDAs/other entities when required, make recommendations on how to overcome bottlenecks and promote execution (and adjustments to objectives, if needed);

■       Communication and Capability building: Communicate progress of the NIIMP internally and externally, support MDAs/others with crucial capability building initiatives, facilitate ongoing dialogue with the private sector.

■       Projects support and Private Sector Investment

Support high-priority projects and attract private sector investment. This function would be performed by the delivery unit.